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Host Ed Zinkiewicz uncovers engaging—sometimes surprising, but never dull— volunteer opportunities available to retirees. Interviewing volunteers and volunteer coordinators each week, Ed highlights the meaningful contributions volunteers make and also the rewards volunteers receive. Imagining a retirement that matters starts here. Sign up for Ed's free, weekly newsletter at and get listings of coming episodes.
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May 3, 2017

014 Grace Smith–Volunteering with Middle Tennessee Council on Aging

The Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee—Trusted Leader and Catalyst

A long-time volunteer of the Council on Aging (COA), as Executive Director Grace Smith brings more than two decades of experience in senior advocacy. A licensed master social worker and a program manager for the Meharry Consortium Geriatric Education Center, she also sat on the board of the National Association for Geriatric Education and led the Mental Health Association’s geriatric outreach and caregiver support programs. She put that experience to work again as a volunteer, serving as chair of the COA Leadership Council and most recently as vice-president of its board.

Grace’s interests and skills are well-matched with COA’s mission: To strive to ensure that the community values, honors, and supports older adults and caregivers by addressing unmet needs through information, advocacy, and education, and by being a catalyst for comprehensive solutions.

According to Grace, "This is an exciting time of growth in the greater Nashville area, and the COA will continue to be a trusted leader in addressing the unmet needs of seniors and caregivers, including transportation and easily accessible resource information." For specific information about COA’s work on transportation, listen to Ed Cole’s interview (“010 Senior Ride Nashville”) for additional volunteer opportunities.

For more information about the various volunteer possibilities through the Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee, visit their website and/or email For more about coming podcasts, sign up for Ed’s free Retire-To newsletter: and visit